Wireless Expressways, Inc.’s Waveguide-based Technology Solves Wi-Fi Coverage

Wireless Expressways, Inc., “WE”, has developed and field tested a new, efficient, wireless distribution system that blankets indoor sites with highly reliable wireless coverage.

At the center of the system is a low-loss, low-cost, company-developed waveguide backbone. A typical WE system in a warehouse, for example, uses a single span of waveguide placed under the “red iron” roof structure and runs across the ends of rows of product aisles. Predetermined signal levels taken from variable signal couplers installed in ports along the waveguide feed aisle-matched antennas. Changes in stock levels on warehouse shelves have no effect on coverage since all aisles and areas are illuminated with separate high-level signals. Spot beams to special areas are easily provided where needed.


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