Apple’s new iPad 3 issues: problem with Wi-Fi, Overheating,Battery life and Screen

The new iPad known as iPad 3 from apple have a great start, as over three millions of iPad 3 have been sold in its first week of release. This is sure that iPad 3 have a hot start in the market, but there have been some serious issues reported by the new iPad owners.

Since the new iPad 3 have been released, there are some problems faced while handling it, which have been reported by its owners. The main problems and issues reported by new iPad 3 owners are screen problem, heating problem and Wi-Fi connectivity problem. Some other also have reported about the very little battery life and longer charging time with respect to the previous versions of iPad.

Screen issues of iPad:

As the new iPad 3 comes with a very high resolution retina display, there have been some issues of its screen. Because of having a much more resolution

iPad 3 have yellow tint in the screen

then the previous version of iPad, some of the old iPad applications have problems running in new iPad 3 like rough edges, color shifting etc. Many other users have reported about their new iPad 3 that the screens have some yellow tint or hue. This problem is caused because of hardware problem; glue used in the iPad 3 causes this problem. This is a big problem of iPad 3 screen; no one will accept such a expensive device with this problem.

Heating Up issue:

The iPad 3 have overheating problems, many of the new iPad 3 owners have reported at the apple

new Ipad 3 becomes very hot at the left corner, The iPad 3 have overheating problems, many of the new iPad 3 owners have reported at the apple
The iPad 3 have overheating problems, many of the new iPad 3 owners have reported at the apple

New iPad 3 becomes so hot that it is uncomfortable to hold

Support forum for this issue. Apple’s support forum is flooded with this problem experience of new iPad 3 owners. The customers reported that their iPad 3 gets so much hot that it becomes uncomfortable to hold; especially the lower left-hand side of the iPad holding in portrait mode gets very hot.
There are some reasons which may be claimed responsible for this problem of iPad 3; iPad 3 comes with a very bright high resolution retina display which may be one of the reasons. The processor of iPad 3 is much more powerful than the previous version, 4G network also very power consuming. The battery of new iPad is 50W, while the battery of previous iPad was only 25W; it may be the biggest cause because more power of battery causes more heat.

The new iPad 3 becomes so hot sometimes that it display an error message that iPad needs to be cool to use it.

Tests on new iPad 3 heating up problem shows result of 92.48°F, which is 10°F more than the previous iPad. However, Apple said that this temperature is within the thermal capacity of iPad 3; they also claimed that the powerful battery providing a greater battery life may be the main cause of this problem.

Wi-Fi connection problem:

Another biggest problem of new iPad 3 is the Wi-Fi network problem; many of the ne iPad 3 owners reported that Wi-Fi connectivity of their device causing much problem like Wi-Fi network drop, not connecting with Wi-Fi network at all, very slow data transfer rate etc.
The apple support forum has been posted thousands of comments of this problem by the iPad 3 owners. Though their claim seems to be different but so many complains indicate that apples new iPad 3 has some serious problem with Wi-Fi connectivity.

iPad 3 have weak wifi connection
iPad 3 have weak wifi connection
The new iPad 3 works well when it is near to the Wi-Fi router but when it is not near of router but in range of its network, the reception is very bad and often it lose connectivity to the network. TabletPCReview ran a test on new iPad 3 with a Cisco WRT310N router and iOS app Speedtest and the result shows that near router the connectivity is ok but when it is not near the router, connectivity loses within a moment. But this Wi-Fi connectivity problem may not be caused by hardware problem, because iPad 3 comes with the same Broadcom MSM4330 network device, while the previous versions of iPad use Broadcom MSM4329 chips. So it is quite sure that the problem is caused by software bug, Apple needs to find a solution to the problem soon.

Some other says they have problem while charging their new iPad, it takes a very long time to charge.

It seems that, the new iPad 3 is undergoing some serious problem; Apple should take steps to solve these problems to save their reputation. Have you faced any problem with you iPad? Don’t forget to tell us.


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